Born August, 1994 in a sleepy refinery town on the outskirts of Beijing, I first came to the United States over 15 years ago.

Currently a Ph.D student of Political Science at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD, I balance my relevant working experiences in both Asia and the United States with an insatiable love for learning. I speak Beijing Mandarin and English as my two native languages, and Japanese at a professional working level. I enjoy reading, warm mugs of tea, and 1980s cinema from the Soviet Union and Japan.

Through the platform of this webpage I hope to share my experiences – and transient euphoria – that my adventures across the world have brought. To broaden appreciation for the world around us, and to bring to light stories yet untold, is a passion that can consume a lifetime.

Facing the future while holding a strong sense of the past, lets tackle new challenges together.

2016 January 3rd